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Life Meaning: Creating Positive Impact In Your 30s and 40s

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In your 30s and 40s, you become more reflective of life and make more conscious decisions. One of those is likely a resolve to change the lives of others. And you're right! At this sweet spot, with youth and experience on your side, you're ripe for creating a positive impact in the world.  Although one person cannot single-handedly change the world, there are things you can do to make a positive impact every day, little by little. 

Change Of Plans has ideas of how you can impact the world as you go about life in your 30s and 40s.  

Ideas For Creating a Positive Impact 

Here are ideas to help you make a positive impact on others and achieve a work-life balance for yourself: 

Cultivate your self-awareness and empathy

Change starts with you. So, impacting the world positively will begin with changing you. Although it feels like you've already done all the learning and evolving, there's still more to gain out of life in your 30s and40s. Examine yourself to identify your strengths, weaknesses, privileges, and biases regarding your interaction with others. Think about how you can approach people with greater empathy and compassion. Empathy helps to build social connections, and interconnectedness is hugely important when creating a positive impact because it makes it easier to influence and bring others on board your quest. 

Become a connector

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Success in life depends on the positive social connections we make, and by the time you are in your 30s or 40s, you've accrued a bunch of these. You can use your good name and connections to lift others around you. For example, if you know of some unemployed university graduates, connect them to strategic internships or jobs that can help them grow and utilize their skills. You could also connect a person going through a challenge like a divorce or bereavement to another who has overcome it. 

There are numerous ways of creating a positive impact in this capacity. Just identify the need in society and find someone to help fix it. It doesn't have to be an act of grandeur; even seemingly small things count. 

Share your knowledge and skills 

Don't let the knowledge and skills you have gained over the years end with you, or wait until you retire to pass them on. Despite the huge family and work responsibilities and commitments of life in your 30s or 40s, make plans to mentor or teach some youths. Sharing your wisdom gives those behind you a strong foundation they can build on and keeps them from making the mistakes you made. It's also a way to leave a part of yourself to the next generation. 

Nature does not allow vacuums, and what you give must be replaced. So, as you empty yourself, you make room to learn more and for others to pour themselves into you. As you go about creating a positive impact, you may inspire others to do the same for you. Think about the positive change if everyone sought to build others. We would continually deepen our knowledge and skill sets, making a positive impact all around. 

Buy local

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Support your local community by shopping from locally owned businesses. It boosts the local economy and keeps the money circulating within your community. The local prices may be higher than those of companies backed by large corporations because small businesses do not enjoy economies of scale. But, when you get to life in your 40s, you’ve gotten into some bit of money. 

Shop locally is creating a positive impact by helping a local family feed their children, save up for college, and pay their mortgage loans. Also, as businesses expand, they provide employment opportunities to the locals, helping them earn an honest living. There's a positive correlation between poverty and crime or violence, and one way to combat this issue is to uplift your community's financial makeup. 

Besides buying local, consider reviewing local businesses, especially after a positive experience. It encourages the next person to patronize the local businesses. Let the word spread and help the business gain more customers. Also, you could invest in the businesses and become a part owner. It's one of the smart ways to create a stream of passive income in readiness for retirement. Identify a small business needing a financial boost and invest in it. In return, you make money, benefiting you and the local economy. 

Final Thoughts 

Although creating a positive impact on the world is achievable at any age, your efforts are more impactful when you're older because you have the knowledge, skills, experience, connections, and money needed to impact change. Despite the pressures of life in your 30s and 40s, you can look past your situation and derive joy from helping others. Raising others will bring you joy and fulfillment and foster a sense of purpose and connection with your community. For more information and help, contact Vincent Provenzano, a transitional life coach. Schedule a free discovery session now!

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