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Meet Vincent Provenzano


Approximately four years ago, I heard the toughest seven words a spouse could ever hear: “I don’t want to be with you.” I remember standing in my home and thinking how the hell did I get here? The thought of not being married to this person hadn’t crossed my mind.

Fast forward to today – I’m happily married to an amazing woman and have the perfect stepson (literally, he is every father’s dream). And you know what? I still ask myself the same question: “How the hell did I get here?” Unfortunately, like many people, I became complacent in my relationship. Looking back on my previous marriage, we didn’t have a bad marriage; we had a nice home, good jobs, and our dogs. But, what was bubbling under the surface was discontent.

I was at a proverbial fork in the road where one path led to blame and self-sabotage and the other led to introspection, self-audit, and self-work. To be fully honest, I went down the path of blame and self-destruction multiple times, but using the tools I learned through therapy, coaching, and self-work I was able to veer off that path and back to the path that led me to my life today.

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My mission is to help you create personal freedom, determine your own reality, and activate your inner potential by implementing daily action steps that will catapult you to your new life. I work from the belief that your number one priority should be yourself. If we are not happy with ourselves how can we expect to make our family, friends, or co-workers happy? If you connect with this and are ready to finally put you first, then I may be the person for you.


To enable my clients to rely on themselves to create and have ownership of their own happiness.


I am a competent, compassionate coach, with emotional intelligence, who treats clients with the proper amount of respect at all times.

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