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Life Coaching Services

Discover the different ways we can work together to set goals and determine the tools to help you reach those in our in-person or online life coaching sessions.

Tailored Life Coaching Services

Finding a life coach that works with you is very important. Before determining which package of life coaching services is right for you, we will ensure my motivational coaching style works with your needs. We’ll also determine your goals and ways in which we can work together. Once this is established, you can choose from the life coaching packages below.


Life Coaching Tune-Up


This is a one-off online life coaching session to help you set quick goals and establish a path to meet them.

  • 1 One-Hour Skype Call 

  • + Shared Resources

  • + Prescribed Assignments


Life Coaching Tactical


If you’re in the Connecticut area, we can meet in person. If not, or if you prefer online life coaching services, we’ll meet twice a month for regular motivational coaching calls, goal-setting sessions, goal reviews, and check-ins.

  • 3 Month Commitment

  • 2 One-Hour Skype Calls per Month 

  • + Shared Resources

  • + Prescribed Assignments


Life Coaching Total


With this option, we meet four times per month – in person or for online life coaching sessions. We will intensely work through your goals and thinking processes. We’ll identify strengths and opportunities to find satisfaction in your life.

  • 3 Month Commitment

  • 4 One-Hour Skype Calls Per Month 

  • + Shared Resources

  • +Prescribed Assignments

Choose Your Life Coaching Path Today

Whether you prefer in-person (Connecticut locals only) or are a fan of online services, we have the tools to ensure you get what you need. Working with Vincent means your goals and needs will become a priority in your life and you’ll have the tools to accomplish those goals.

Our motivational coaching style will be customized to your needs so you will find success and true happiness in your personal and professional lives.

To discuss services, please contact Vincent today by filling out this form. Or, call 860-759-2885.

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