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Life Coaching FAQ


Discover what life coaching really means and how it can impact your life. Through personalized sessions, tools, and training, you’ll discover the methods and tactics to change your thinking cycles and find true happiness. Learn more about the process here to find out if life coaching is right for you.

What is life coaching?

A life coach is someone who encourages and coaches a person through career and personal challenges. Life coaching is the process of identifying areas you’d like to improve or change, setting goals for those areas, and applying tactics, tools, and techniques to help you get there. Furthermore, a life coach is committed to keeping you in the successful and ideal life for which you are hoping.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

Oftentimes, therapeutic tools will be used in life coaching and are very helpful, however, the two services are different as a whole. The main difference between life coaching and therapy is that therapy is focused on mental and emotional health and well-being while life coaching focuses on goal-setting, achieving those goals, and finding peace and satisfaction within your life.

How do I know if life coaching is right for me?

Life coaching is a good option for you if you need some guidance on how to manage your professional and personal life or if you’re feeling dissatisfied with your current situation. It is also ideal for you if you’re struggling with relationships and you need help not to repeat the same cycles again. It is the best option for you if when you look at your life or the lives of others, you want something different, and are ready to take action to change things.

What is your coaching approach or philosophy?

In our life coaching sessions, I’ll help you create freedoms and realities in which you thrive. We’ll develop plans including daily action steps to help you move from where you are in your life to where you desire to be. I believe it’s important to prioritize yourself and will help you get to a place where putting your needs and emotional requirements first becomes second nature. 

Do you offer a free consultation or trial session?

Of course! We offer a free discovery session to get to know one another and identify why you may want to work with me and how I can help. Then, we can determine how to proceed with your life coaching sessions if I’m a good fit.

How often will we have sessions?

I tailor my life coaching services to your needs and offer a variety of coaching experiences for this reason. You may choose to have a single session if that’s all you feel necessary. Or, we can commit to working together for at least three months, during which we will have sessions at different cadences depending on your needs. 

How do coaching sessions take place (in-person, online, phone)?

If you are located in Connecticut, we can meet in person. For anyone who doesn’t want to meet in person or isn’t local, we meet via Skype.

What types of issues do you specialize in?

When people feel stuck, complacent, or are going through major life transitions, I can offer them help with these areas, among others.

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