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What Can a Life Coach Help With?


Life is challenging with various transitions and struggles that can’t be predicted. A lot of times, you may find yourself feeling like you’re flying a plane while learning to fly it at the same time. These moments may lead you to feel stuck or unsatisfied in different aspects of your life. Maybe you’re wondering, “Do I need a life coach?” The good news is that a life coach is the ideal solution for a lot of these struggles. By guiding you through goal exercises, training, and multiple meetings, a life coach can help you find the personal and professional successes for which you’ve been searching.

Woman raising hands to the sky feeling successful from life coaching.

What is a Life Coach?


A life coach is a person who guides and encourages you through a series of meetings and check-ins to help you through personal and career challenges. Life coaching specifically focuses upon setting goals in areas of your life for which you want to make a change. Then, your life coach will provide tactics, techniques, tools, and other strategies to reach your goals.

Through a free discovery session, I’ll help you determine if you need a life coach and then, we will find ways to help you achieve success.

Specifically, What Can a Life Coach Help With?

  • Goal Setting  - One of the primary roles of a life coach is to help you set clear and achievable goals. I will work with you to truly identify what you want in life and how you’d like to get there. Then, we’ll work together to discover the methods by which you can accomplish these goals through a well-defined roadmap so you can achieve your dreams.

  • Personal Development - If you’re feeling unsure if you need a life coach, you can usually ask yourself if you feel fulfilled in your life. If the answer is “no” or “somewhat,” a life coach is probably ideal for you. My expertise as a life coach is to help you with personal development. We’ll work to identify your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth. We’ll also discover your passions and long-term objectives and work to accomplish them.

  • Time Management & Productivity - If you struggle with time management, you’re definitely not alone. Many people find this to be the most difficult part of their lives and are constantly wondering why they didn’t get more done or how to accomplish what they want in a day. A part of what a life coach can help with is to teach you time management skills, strategies, and ways to prioritize certain tasks over others for maximum output.

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Other Areas a Life Coach Can Help With


In addition to setting goals and finding ways to accomplish them, I’ll work with you to help you boost your confidence, overcome obstacles, and teach yourself to be motivated. Here are some of the specifics for each of these coaching styles

Confidence Building


If you believe a life coach may be right for you, oftentimes, you may struggle with your confidence and self-worth. I’ll help you find your confidence and boost your self-belief through exercises, affirmations, and positive reinforcements. We’ll work through insecurities and struggles so you can put those aside and focus on your inner confidence. 

Finding and Overcoming Obstacles


Understanding the obstacles and challenges that affect your success and personal growth is a huge part of discovering if you need a life coach. I’ll guide you through setbacks in business, personal crises, health issues, and other obstacles and we’ll work to develop resilience and adaptability so these issues don’t take so long to bounce back from.

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Another main struggle that a life coach can help with is to be accountable for your needs, desires, and goals. We’ll work through motivation tools and have regular accountability check-ins to see if you’re taking the right steps for success and how to continue on the path of accomplishment.


Do You Need a Life Coach?


If any of the above sounds like something you’re interested in, you probably have already seen what a life coach can help with. We’ll work out a plan that makes sense for your life and schedule and work together to discover what you want out of life and how to get it. Through regular conversations and check-ins plus the use of valuable tools and tactics, I’ll help you get the life for which you’ve always longed.

To discuss how life coaching might work for you, please contact Change Of Plans today or give me a call at 860-680-5731.

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