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What Is Life Coaching?


The concept of life coaching can often get confusing as many people wonder if it is the same as therapy. While life coaching can incorporate a lot of talking and conversing similar to therapy, it is not the same as therapy.

Life coaching incorporates conversations, guidance, goal-setting, and other tools to help you set goals and achieve your best life. Our life coach will guide and encourage you using meetings and check-ins to help you overcome your personal and work-related challenges. As we progress through meetings and coaching sessions, our life coach will help you get where you’re striving.

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What Is Life Coaching: Goals

When working with our life coach, Vincent Provenzano, his goal is to help you determine where you are, discover where you want to be, and give you tools and insights on how to get there. A lifestyle coach is what you need to help with the following main goals:

  • Setting goals – Our life coach is going to help you determine where you want to be in your life professionally and personally. Together, our life coach and you will identify areas in your life you’d like to work on and we’ll create goals so you can accomplish your dreams.

  • Development – Working with our lifestyle coach, we’ll discover areas in which you don’t feel fulfilled. That’s what a life coach is focused on: Creating a path to help you achieve fulfillment and discover your true passions.

  • Productivity – Oftentimes, time management and productivity can be the reason you struggle to accomplish your goals. Part of life coaching can include prioritizing your time and determining how to maximize your potential on a daily basis.

What Is a Lifestyle Coach and What Can You Do Together?

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Once you and our lifestyle coach have had an initial conversation, you can determine what services you’re interested in moving forward with. Change Of Plans offers a variety of different services based on how often you’d like to meet and the cadence with which you want to meet as well. Here are the service options you can explore while learning what a life coach is and how they can help you:

  • Life Coaching Tune-Up – In this one-off session, you can set some quick goals and determine a path to achieve them

  • Life Coaching Tactical – In this service option, we can meet in person if you’re in Connecticut or meet online. This option includes coaching for three months and includes multiple calls per month, resources, and assignments to drive home the coaching topics.

  • Life Coaching Total – With this option, you can truly learn what a lifestyle coach is by meeting with Vinceent four times per month. He’ll share resources with you and give you prescribed homework assignments to keep you on track. 

What Is Life Coaching and Is It For You?

Discover how life coaching works and what it can do for you. Contact Change Of Plans today to get started working on yourself, your goals, and your future. We will work together to get you on track professionally and personally. Our life coach would love to speak with you, so please contact him by calling 860-680-5731 or contact him by filling out this form.

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