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Vincent Provenzano


Millions of Americans find themselves stuck, struggling, and directionless. I became a personal life coach to help with exactly those needs. After finding help from a life coach myself, I can now share my experiences with you. It’s time to make a Change Of Plans.

Are you ready to make a change?

1. You cannot stop thinking about how you are going to manage your personal and professional life on your own.

2. You are constantly looking at your past asking what you did wrong.

3. You are often looking at your friends and family wondering why you were not able to have what they appear to have.

4. You feel burnt out and resentful with your current situation.

5. You start to rationalize that feeling that you failed in your relationships and are not good enough.

6. One day you recognize that your excitement is greater than your resistance and you take action!

Meet Vincent Provenzano, Life Coach in Connecticut


After finding myself reeling from an impending divorce and struggling with wondering how I’d even gotten to that point, I knew I needed direction and help. 

I sought the guidance of a life coach and am now living my best life: focused, committed, and thriving. 

I knew sharing these skills as a lifestyle coach was my path and created Change Of Plans. I use coaching tools to create personal freedoms, activate your inner potential, and find the best version of yourself. I’m excited to begin your journey with you.

Lifestyle coaching services from a personal life coach

Do You Need a Personal Life Coach?

If you find yourself wondering how you ended up where you are and how to make changes to take back the life you meant to pursue, it might be time for a Change Of Plans. Through life coaching services, you can find the life you’ve been seeking and utilize skills to keep it.

How Does Life Coaching Work?

If you feel ready to make changes in your life and find the life you have always wanted to pursue, I’m excited to work with you. Utilizing a combination of conversations, goal-setting sessions, and tools to help curb negative thinking or processes, we will identify areas to improve upon your relationships and life goals and to keep them there. 

Whether you’re looking for a personal life coach in Connecticut or you’re fine with meeting via video, we’ll develop a relationship to help you achieve what you’re after and utilize life coaching tools and techniques to get you there and keep you there.

Personalized lifestyle coaching services


"My purpose and intention is to support individuals who are transitioning from a marriage or long-term relationship to a life they can sustain on their own. My mission is to provide a safe and powerful place for you to discover the answers you need in order to move forward personally with purpose."



Connect with Your Personal Life Coach Today

If you find yourself longing for more, struggling from divorce, or simply needing a better direction for your life, personalized life coaching will be a solid tool in your arsenal. We can schedule a free discovery session to get to know one another and determine the tools and styles that will work for you and your needs. In the meantime, look over our FAQ page to find answers to commonly asked questions you may have.

​I look forward to helping you break through the monotony and find the extraordinary. Contact the Change Of Plans life coach in Connecticut today by filling out this form or call Vincent at 860-759-2885.

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