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Life Purpose Quiz

Discover How You Value Your Life’s Purpose and If a Life Purpose Coach Could Be Helpful


Having meaning in your life is one of the important pillars of living your life to the fullest. But, oftentimes, we may fall into thinking error cycles or find ourselves feeling as if there is no greater purpose for which we should be living. In this Life Purpose Quiz, you can help yourself identify how well you’re giving purpose to your life and how well you’re seeing its purpose as well.

Having goals for your life and your daily tasks plus taking time to reflect on your core beliefs and values is critical to develop a sense of purpose for your life. Answer these questions honestly and without overthinking them in order to get a strong sense of how you’re doing with regard to valuing your life and if a life purpose coach may be a valuable tool for you.

When you read the statements, score a 1 if you strongly disagree with it and a 5 if it’s something that you strongly agree with. In the end, your total score will give you an idea of how you’re doing with finding purpose in your life.

Our Life Coach Can Help

If any of the statements in this Life Purpose Quiz spoke to you or let you know you need a wake-up call in order to progress your life to a better place, our life coach may be able to help. By working with Change Of Plans to find direction for your life and keep you on track, you can unlock true satisfaction and comfort you may not have known could exist. 

To contact our life coach for a free discovery session, please fill out this form today.

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