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Quiz: Am I Codependent?

If you find yourself struggling with feelings of an inability to say “no” to others or prioritize others’ needs over your own, it might be good to discover if you’re experiencing codependency. Codependency often manifests itself with issues of over-reliance on your partner and a fear of losing them. These struggles can lead to emotional stresses, relationship dissatisfaction, anxiety, fear of loss, and many other difficulties that you may be trying to work through.

If any of these sound familiar, you may want to continue with this Am I Codependent Quiz and learn if you could benefit from some help. Our relationship life coach at Change Of Plans will help you work through your anxiety and struggles and help you prioritize yourself so you can exist independently of anyone else. You can find independence brings happiness and helps your relationships be stronger and healthier.

As you read through each statement, react honestly and don’t overthink in order to get the most accurate answers. If you strongly disagree with the statement, choose 1 and if you strongly agree, choose 5. When you finish the quiz, you will tally your score and receive a statement explaining if codependency is something you may want to work through with our relationship life coach.

Would Life Coaching Help With Your Codependency?

Life coaches help you set out goals and determine ways to achieve them. Working with our relationship life coach allows you the opportunity for regular communication and check-ins to keep you on track and help you process your codependent struggles. 

Our life coach offers a variety of services to give you the touchpoints you need in order to make progress toward your goals. If you’d like to discuss life coaching, please contact Change Of Plans by filling out this form today.

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